Direct Approach Recruitment

C r e a t i n g  L i n k s – direct approach recruitment

An intermediary in the service of Talents and Companies

The Customer’s Ambassador

Success in the recruitment process, is not simply a matter of two or three criteria. When a vacancy to fill is key to the business, for example, recruitment becomes a significant issue. Initial education, experience, skill-sets and plans for the future combined with personality type, interests, professional values and motivations are just some of the essential elements to be considered. The key to discernment lies in the combination of complementary approaches. These allow us to identify the person not only capable of meeting a set of specifications but also better able to integrate into the history, values, and future of your business.

Characterized by a substantial human investment in our clients (we become you), our approach aims at the greatest assimilation of your company project as well as the spirit that guides you. Gaining knowledge and mastery of your company, being attuned to every issue affecting it make us a sought-after partner. Our entrepreneurial past in the area of human resources management lets us stand back and deal accurately with any recruitment assignment.

Through the combination of innovative technologies and well-established methodologies such as our broad network, careful monitoring of our candidates and up to date databases, we can ensure both the excellence and rapidity of our services.

The Candidate’s Spokesman

Intellect and will go hand in hand: people have aspirations in proportion to their competencies. Our job is to lead the candidates to the achievement of their ambitions. Thus candidates have to simply share their plans, the rest is in our hands: let us make the connection. Creating links is our motto, because our candidates deserve success.

A successful career is not determined solely by professional experiences; still the most appropriate company must be found to provide the best opportunities. Mindful of the personal fulfillment of our candidates, we handle the entire recruitment process, from the first interview until the conclusion of an employment relationship.