Rejuvenating Seniors' Careers

R e j u v e n a t i n g  S e n i o r s ’ C a r e e r s OUR SENIORS IN THE SERVICE OF SOCIAL AND HUMANITARIAN  CAUSES

A creative solution to derive the maximum possible benefit from the seniors

Ethically a company is responsible for developing the human capital. One of the most basic point is thus to ensure that all workers, in all phases of their career, have the opportunity to expand their skills and to get ahead, on the basis of non-discrimination.
Nevertheless, it is seen in practice that older people are often pushed aside and stripped of their qualifications. Number of companies have to deal with employees who, previously very active, can’t find their place within the structure, nor can the company find one for them. Exclusion is a situation personally detrimental to employees and gradually undermines the company: first its reputation and forward its competitiveness will be impacted.
Aware of the issues underlying such actions, we propose to resolve the seniors’ challenge, in the common interest between the employees and the company. We organize the personnel’s leasing to a third-party organization such as an association.The advantage afforded by this formula is that your employees can rebound and give their careers a new direction, while the company can receive a tax credit of 60% on the whole cost of the concerned employees. What is more, your company gains recognition as a socially responsible organization, recognition whose economical value is now well established. As for us, we manage the full process all the way, from the initial interview with the employee you want to lease to the signature of an agreement with an organization willing to welcome him in its midst.