Retirement Optimization Services

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Retirement’s Optimization Services

Let us commit ourselves to the future of those who work for us at present

A worrying diagnosis

100% of the audited careers reveal errors, omissions or poor optimization. A single miscount of a few euros in calculating your rights may have significant consequences on the retirement capital.These deficiencies identified at the level of both the social insurance and the supplementary schemes  are very costly for people. To the credit of public services, careers’ complexity and highly technical nature of pensions must be admitted, making its administration extremely difficult.

To address this problem without saving

This situation, though quite worrying, is not alarming since all these inaccuracies can be corrected, and all the damages remedied.However, the task is a hard one and requires both competencies and contacts. It is no longer possible to improvise oneself as administrator of his own future pension. Well preparing one’s retirement implies to check that all periods of activity are taken into account, to avoid an unwarranted discount with irreversible consequences, to forestall the removal of favorable arrangements, to determine the optimal time of retirement, to referee between the interest of cumulating pensions and earnings and the interest of buying-back trimesters…Well preparing one’s retirement indubitably needs highly skilled professionals’ expertise.

We have therefore struck an expert panel to assure you that each of your rights are taken into account. We offer you various service packages depending on your own personal requirements, from the diagnosis of your situation to a strategic review and an audit or a liquidation assistance.

And the company benefits from it

Our retirement’s optimization services enable the companies to accompany their employees at the end of their careers, especially by optimizing when and how they will retire. The company can set with the employee a strategy for the end of his career and, to the extent that he wishes, facilitate an anticipated departure, help him too. The company fully benefits from this process of optimization.

The support of your staff close to retirement also creates a very strong additional value with regard to the social climate. Since it can be supported by the training budget, our service has the further advantage of not generating additional costs.